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Japanese straightening / Keratin Treatment

Japanese permanent straightening is a popular method for straightening curly or wavy hair. Many women with curly hair swear by it, and it can create a shiny, sleek style. Japanese permanent straightening eliminates unruly hair making it smooth straight, frizz free and easy to manage.


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About Jjoy

Joy is professional hair stylist with more than 20 years of experience 
in beauty industry all over the globe. 

Joy is a special Japanese straightening Treatment expert, 
She makes superior results every time.
Joy is known for her excellence in precision hair cutting and glamorous color services,
 her salon experience goes much beyond just hair.
 You can rest assured that Joy will take incredible care of your hair and offer you the latest styles and trends.



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2930 Preston Rd #300 SUITE 115 & 116

Frisco, TX 75034


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